Our Wedding Date: February 23, 2013

Wedding Day Details

  • Dining On The Downtown Mall

     If you would like to enjoy dinner before the ceremony, here are some of our favorite restaurants on the Downtown Mall that are all within walking distance of The Haven:

    -          Eppie’s: http://eatateppies.com/

    -          Zocalo: http://zocalo-restaurant.com/

    -          Positively 4th Street: http://positively4thst.com/wordpress/

    -          Brookville Restaurant: http://www.brookvillerestaurant.com/

    -          Bizou: http://www.readthehook.com/foodfinder/restaurants/bizou

    -          South Street Brewery: http://www.southstreetbrewery.com/

    -          Mono Loco: http://www.monolocorestaurant.com/

    -          The Whiskey Jar: http://thewhiskeyjarcville.com/

    -          Sal’s Caffé Italia: http://salscaffeitalia.com/

    Charlottesville is known for its amazing restaurants, so if you have time and want to explore off the Downtown Mall let us know & we’ll be happy to provide recommendations all over town! 

    Added by Amber on Thu, Dec 13th 2012

  • Parking

     If you are staying at the Omni feel free to just leave your car in the Omni lot and walk down the Downtown Mall to the ceremony and reception. (Exit the Omni onto the Downtown Mall, walk just over one block and turn left onto 1st Street. The Haven will be on 1st street on the left.)

    Alternatively, if you are not staying at the Omni there are multiple parking garages within walking distance of the ceremony and reception venues. We will be able to validate for 2hrs of free parking if you park in the Market Street or Water Street parking garages. (The Water Street Lot does not accept parking validation.)  The Water Street parking garage will be the closest to the ceremony and reception venues.  The following link will provide information regarding driving directions to the parking garages: http://www.charlottesvilleparking.com/index.php/locations

    Walking Directions from the Parking Garages to The Haven:

    Upon exiting the Water Street parking garage, cross Water Street and walk up 4th Street to the Downtown Mall. Turn left on the Downtown Mall and walk approximately 3 blocks. Turn right on 1st Street (you will turn at the venue for the reception - Old Metropolitan Hall) and walk up the street. The Haven will be on your left.

    If you park in the Market Street parking garage, exit onto the Downtown Mall side turn right and walk down the Downtown Mall 4 blocks, turn right onto 1st Street and as you go up the street you will see The Haven on left. If you exit on the Market Street side of the parking garage turn left and walk the same 4 blocks and you will see The Haven appear on your left. 

    Added by Amber on Mon, Dec 31st 2012

  • Venues

     The ceremony and reception will take place just steps apart, which will come in handy on a cold February day! The ceremony will be at The Haven (located on the corner of First and Market Street), while the reception will take place at Old Metropolitan Hall (located on the corner of First and E. Main Street). Links about both venues are below:

    The Haven was completely restored in 2006, thanks in large part to director Tom Shadyac who lived in town while filming Evan Almighty in neighboring Crozet: http://www.readthehook.com/83240/architecture-tom-already-construction-begin-shadyacs-shelter

    Old Metropolitan Hall is Charlottesville’s newest reception venue and is scheduled to open very soon (well before 2/23/13, we pray!)  http://oldmetropolitanhall.com/

    Added on Mon, Dec 31st 2012

  • Wedding Attire

    Hi Friends, 

    I've had a few questions about dress code for the wedding since it is in the evening. Standard wedding attire will do just fine! Even though the wedding is a bit later, it is definitely not black tie. Just come ready to celebrate & we'll all have a great time on the 23rd. 

    Added by Amber on Thu, Jan 31st 2013